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The first has the most leading companies Germany Welding Show visits, ISO-9001 Quality verification, SCR TIG welding production mode, ITRI owned the technology transfer cooperation inverter welder…


Inverter welding a machine with three, Inverter DC welding machine, AC welder with automatic shock prevention device…

1. Built-in Voltage Reducing Device (Anti-Shock Device) for welder safety.
2. Easy to start the Arc. High Duty Cycle.
3. Small Dimension, Light Weight (1/7 of the traditional A.C. type), and suitable for Outdoor usage.
4. Can be operated on both One & Three phases.
5. I.G.B.T.: High Frequency component to Save the Electricity by 50%; Stable-Current and Noiseless when operated.

Power-Saving Inverter IV-500D can weld 6mm-electrode for heavy-load work

Model OK-IV500D
Power Source: 1Ø / 3Ø , 380V , 50/60HZ
Output Current:10A – 500A
Duty Cycle(10 Mins) 60%
Max. Open-Circuit Voltage: 72VDC
Welding Voltage: 32VDC
Weight(kg): 24
Dimensions(mm): 330x205x480mm.


Welding Machine OK-400AA+DAS
AC Arc Welder,
Input Power: AC/380V/50Hz
Rated Output:400 ampere
No-Load Voltage: below 10 volts under CNS4782
Delayed Time: 1.0 ± 0.3 second
Activation Sensitivity: below 500Ω
Input Power Cord: 14mm2 x 3C x 20meter
Output Welding Set: 50mm2 x 20meter (500A holder)
Output Grounding Set: 50mm2 x 20meter (500A clamp)
Voltage Reducing Device: built in
Voltmeter: Digital Display on front panel
Leakage Circuit Breaker: installed
Varnish: H class
Coil Copper: Electrical Use
Coil Layer Insulation: Mica class
VRD Controlling Switch: by SCR no-touching type
VRD Testing: Resume VRD after 1.0 ± 0.3 sec.
Overloading Protection: Yes.
1-year warranty only covers under normal operation.



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