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The Bently Nevada name has been synonymous with machinery protection and condition monitoring for over 50 years. Our experience translates into leadership for advanced, high-quality machinery monitoring solutions for optimum plant safety, uptime and efficiency.

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GE Bently 3300 XL 8 mm Proximity Transducer System
The 3300 XL 8 mm Proximity Transducer System consists of:
3300 XL 8 mm probe,
3300 XL extension cable,
3300 XL Proximitor? Sensor.
The system provides an output voltage that is directly proportional to the distance between the probe tip and the observed conductive surface and can measure both static (position) and dynamic (vibration) values. The system’s primary applications are vibration and position measurements on fluid-film bearing machines, as well as Keyphasor? reference and speed measurements.
The 3300 XL 8 mm system delivers the most advanced performance in our eddy current proximity transducer systems. The standard 3300 XL 8 mm 5-metre system also fully complies with the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) 670 Standard (4th Edition) for mechanical configuration, linear range, accuracy, and temperature stability. All 3300 XL 8 mm proximity transducer systems provide this level of performance and support complete interchangeability of probes, extension cables, and Proximitor sensors, eliminating the need to match or bench calibrate individual components.
Each 3300 XL 8 mm Transducer System component is backward-compatible and interchangeable with other non-XL 3300 series 5 mm and 8 mm transducer system components. This compatibility includes the 3300 5 mm probe, for applications in which an 8 mm probe is too large for the available mounting space.

GE Bently 33300 XL 8mm Proximity Transducer System
The 3300 XL 11 mm Proximity Transducer System consists of:
3300 XL 11 mm probe 3300 XL 11 mm extension cable 3300 XL 11 mm Proximitor? Sensor
The 3300 XL 11 mm Proximity Transducer System has a 3.94 V/mm (100 mV/mil) output for non-contacting vibration and displacement measurements on fluid film bearing machines. The large 11 mm tip enables this transducer system to have a longer linear range compared to our standard 3300 XL 8 mm Transducer System.

It is primarily used in the following applications where the longer linear range is necessary:?

Axial (thrust) position measurements
Ramp differential expansion measurements on steam turbines
Rod position or rod drop measurements on reciprocating compressors
Tachometer and zero speed measurements

Phase reference (Keyphasor?) signals

The 3300 XL 11 mm Proximitor Sensor is designed to replace the 7200-series 11mm and 14 mm Transducer Systems. When upgrading from the 7200-series system to the 3300 XL 11 mm system, every component must be replaced with 3300 XL 11 mm components. In addition, the monitoring system must be updated. If using a 3500 Monitoring System, an updated version of the configuration software that lists the 3300 XL 11 mm Transducer System as a compatible option is required. Existing 3300 Monitoring Systems may need a modification. Contact your local sales and service representative for assistance.


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