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BISALLOY® WEAR steel is the number one performance steel choice of countless industries because of its remarkable hardness and ability to withstand the toughest wear and tear and in the most abrasive environments.

BISALLOY® Wear steel plate has long been a popular choice in the mining and resources sector for equipment. When you need lighter weight, wear and impact resistance combined with straightforward fabrication, BISALLOY® WEAR steel is the answer.

Applications of BISALLOY® WEAR steel

BISALLOY® Wear steel is the number one choice of countless industries for use in the most highly demanding applications, including:

• dump truck bodies and wear liners
• storage bins
• hoppers and chutes
• screw conveyors
• ground-engaging tools
• bucket lips and edges
• cutters and cutting edges
• rock buckets
• dragline buckets
• wear liners
• shredders
• hammers and demolition tools
• rippers and lifting tynes
• deflector plates.

By trusting in BISALLOY® WEAR steel, you can avoid unnecessary and costly downtime for repairs and replacement. Our world-class steel plates perform better, meanings components need replacing less often.

BISALLOY® Wear steel grades ensure that properties such as ductility, weldability and toughness are maximised, while also meeting the requisite hardness and strength requirements.

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